Welcome To Bella Cuba Restaurant!

Celebrating 13 Year Anniversary Open! 

Bella Cuba Restaurant opened its doors in Miami Beach in 2005. We are a family owned restaurant. We pride ourselves in serving delicious, made from scratch daily home Cuban cooking with a lot of flavor and love!

A Typical Cuban breakfast consists of a tostada and Cafe Con Leche. The tostada is a portion of Cuban bread which is buttered then toasted on an electric grill. The cafe con leche is a combination of strong, espresso coffee with warm milk. Cubans break the tostada into pieces, then dunk them into the cafe con leche, as Americans would dunk their doughnuts into their coffee. Additionally, some may eat ham croquetas, smoky creamed ham shaped in finger rolls, lightly breaded, and then fried. For those on the run, with no time or desire to eat, a shot of cafe cubano, Cuban coffee, will revive the dead. Cuban Cuisine has been influenced By Spanish, French, African and Portuguese cultures. Traditional Cuban cooking is primarily Peasant Cuisine that has little concern with measurements, order and timing. Most of the food is sauteed or slow-cooked over a low flame. Very little is deep-fried and there are no heavy or Creamy Sauces. Most Cuban cooking relies on a few basic Spices, such as Garlic, Cumin, Oregano, and Bay Laurel Leaves. Many dishes use a Sofrito as their basis. The sofrito consists of Onion, Green Pepper, Garlic, Oregano, and Ground Pepper quick-fried in Olive Oil. The Sofrito is what gives the food its Flavor. It is used when cooking Black Beans, Stews, many meat dishes, and tomato-based sauces. Meats and poultry are usually marinated in citrus juices, such as Lime or Sour Orange Juices, and then roasted over low heat until the meat is tender and literally falling off the bone. Another common staple to the Cuban diet are root vegetables such as Yuca, Malanga, and Boniato, which are found in most Latin markets. These vegetables are flavored with a marinade, called Mojo, which includes hot Olive Oil, Lemon,Juice, Sliced Raw Onions, Garlic, Cumin. Cuban Cuisine has revolutionized over the past Century with the influence of Tropical Fruits now being used more that ever.

Lunch consists of Empanadas, Chicken or Meat turnovers, or Cuban sandwiches

The sandwich could be a media Noche (midnight sandwich), consisting of a slice of Pork, Ham, and Swiss cheese and then topped with pickles and Mustard on Sweetened Egg Bread. The Pan con Bistec is a thin slice of Palomilla steak on Cuban bread garnished with Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Fried Potato Sticks. One may also order a side of Mariquitas, thinly sliced plantain chips, to accompany their hearty sandwich.

For snack time, Cuban bakeries are famous for their finger foods, such as Pastelitos, Croquetas, Bocaditos, and empanadas. Pastelitos are small flaky turnovers in various shapes filled with either Meat, Cheese, Guava, or a combination of Guava and Cream cheese. Bocaditos are small bite size sandwiches layered with a Ham spread. Dinner will usually consist of a Meat, Chicken, or Fish dish as the entree accompanied by White Rice, Black Beans, and Maduros, Sweet Fried Plantains. At times, a small salad of sliced Tomatoes and Onions or Avocados might be added to the meal. The meal is

followed by Dessert, such as the typical Flan, a Cuban caramel – flavored Custard, and another shot of cafe Cubano. Other equally popular alternatives for Dessert are bread or rice puddings. For Holidays or Special Occasions, the one dish that typifies Cuban cuisine would be a Small Pig, marinated with Salt, Garlic, and Sour Orange Juice, and then roasted over an open fire, and slowly cooked for several hours. The accompaniments for such a dish could consist of Congri, a white rice and black bean mixture also known as Moros y Cristianos, Boniato in a Garlic dressing, and Maduros. For refreshments, the most typical drinks are the Daiquiri and the Mojito made with fresh lime juice and Ron Cubano.

We Welcome you to come Enjoy the delights of Cuban Cuisine with us in the Heart of Miami Beach

Amazing Mojitos and great food

Happy hour the mojitos are $5. They have the best happy hour in the Lincoln Road area!! Better off going to this great place than the other places on Lincoln that rip you off. Highly recommend.

Great food great drinks

My boyfriend and I had dinner and mojitos both the food and drinks were amazing and service was great also if you end up going try the blueberry mojitos you will definitely enjoy

Friendly service, great drinks

This was the first place I ate at in Miami and it was great. The staff was very friendly and attentive throughout our meal. The mojitos are excellent, especially the blueberry one. My friend and I shared a Sandwich De Juliana which was overflowing with…More

Lunch stop with Miami Food Tours

We stopped here with our tour guide from Miami Food tours, Pauline; and I must say this place was my first true introduction to authentic Cuban food, and I loved it. The food was flavorful, the staff festive and friendly, and we will definitely be back!!

  • The Place: Bella Cuba, an institution neighboring Lincoln Road Mall for 11 years, was recently renovated — with a new ceiling and wood panels installed. The walls remain white with paintings of Cuban musicians, fruit (look for the papaya raft with paper sails) and nostalgic black-and-white photos of street scenes with old cars. There is a five-seat bar at which you can get a flaky guava and cream cheese pastelito plus beer, wine, sangria, mojitos and margaritas. There is a counter at the front window and tables on the sidewalk. –BY LINDA BLADHOLM

  • The History: Owners Juan Carlos Jimenez and wife Larisa met when the Soviet Union had a student exchange program with Cuba and he went to the Ukraine to study engineering. They married and went to Cienfuegos in southern Cuba. When their youngest son was almost 5 they went on a trip to visit Larisa’s family in Uzbekistan (she is Ubeki and Russian) had a stopover in Shannon, Ireland, and loved the lush greenness and decided to stay. They opened Bella Cuba, the first Cuban restaurant in Dublin, and won the president’s Best Ethnic Entrepreneur award in 2010.


  • Son Omar met President Mary McAleese at the presidential palace and brought her bread pudding she had loved at the restaurant. Omar and older brother Alex ran the Dublin cafe when their parents went to Miami to open the Bella in Miami Beach. Omar studied hospitality management at the Dublin Institute of Technology and considers himself Irish-Cuban-Russian. He came to Miami Beach in 2014 to help his parents and is now in charge. Chef Alex Hernandez is Cuban-Venezuelan, and chef Ariel Lopez is Guatemalan. Read More –LINDA BLADHOLM