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That right there is one crazy looking cocktail craving woman! To be totally truthful, it’s the cocktails I remember the most from our stay in South Beach Miami. And knowing the number of mojitos I consumed in only three days, it’s a small miracle I remember anything at all 😉
It was mostly mojitos that dominated our cocktail menu. Mango Mojitos, to be specific. In fact, I don’t think I drank much else. Ever since my mojito loving taste buds were introduced to this very tasty and very yellow version at Bella Cuba in Dublin, they’ve never once looked back.
This time however, I was sipping cooling cocktails under a blue sky, surrounded by palm trees and with the sun in my face – not looking out the window at Ireland’s usual wet weather.
If, like me, you’re a fan of the mojito magic, you will definitively want track down these three spots on your next (or possibly first?) trip to Miami:

Bella Cuba
Yup, there’s a Bella Cuba in Miami too! We knew this before we left for our round the world trip, and we’d decided to seek it out. And we weren’t disappointed – their Miami branch serve some awesome mojitos too! No mango here, mind you, ‘just’ the regular kind, but fear not, there was nothing regular about them. Grab a table outside, order a drink and some Cuban snacks, and watch life drive by on Washington Ave.
Source: Bella Cuba’s website

Mango’s Tropical Cafe
It’s got “mango” in the name, for crying out loud. The place is literarily screaming mojito danger! And sure enough, they serve up some kick-ass Mango Mojitos!
Mango’s Tropical Cafe in South Beach, Miami is as tacky as they come, but a drink on Ocean Drive just has to be done. And why not do it to the sound of saucy salsa rhythms and the sight of great looking girls swaying their hips? I can’t remember the last time I had a girl crush, but the Shakira look-alike dancing at the entrance, was so stunning it made me dizzy. The pint size Mango Mojito might have had something to do with the wooziness as well 😉

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